Event space

Historic Grant Avenue isn’t your ordinary building. We are a designated historic landmark in the heart of Denver that’s growing into a community event center. We are becoming more of a staple in our direct neighborhoods, but also in Denver’s diverse neighborhoods for all type of special events. As a community center and is a 501(c)3 nonprofit ourselves, we have made it our mission to provide others with safe and affordable event spaces, so they may fulfill their mission and goals. We want to see other nonprofits, start-ups, for-profits, the arts, cultural, continuing education, and spiritual enrichment thrive and become successful.

By hosting your special events at Historic Grant Avenue Community Center & Sacred Place you are contributing to our mission and in turn, helping others be able to carry on their mission while being able to host your own special event affordably. It’s exciting and empowering knowing your special event has a positive impact. 

Below you’ll find nine unique spaces where your events can come to life. If you have any questions, feel free to email me or give my office a call and we can schedule a site tour. Descriptions and photos on a website can only go so far. Please keep in mind, we are doing some updates to these spaces. We are working to “Revive, Revamp and Restore Historic Grant Avenue Community Center & Sacred Place.” If you feel you are able to help us with these upgrades run along more quickly, we have a donation tab above. We greatly appreciate your time, excited for you to host your next event(s) with us and your donation to help us revive our historic landmark. 


In 1908, Henry J. Manning, a famous architect at that time designed our 111-year-old Sanctuary that became home to the Methodists Episcopal Church. 111 years later, this Sanctuary is nowhere near slowing down, in fact, there is a variety of events that are being held here from orchestra and theater performances, seminars for education, films, meet and green Santa, chorus recitals, music recitals and more.  Today, we still have service in our sanctuary, but this beautiful sanctuary is becoming more and more of a space for other unique events. 


Our theater is located on the second floor; it is over 100 years old and ready to take on the next hundred years.  The room is equipped with theater lighting, a stage, speakers, large open space and a balcony!  The theater is ideal for any event holding between 100-140 people.  It is the perfect space for galas, fundraisers, performances, concerts, seminars and more!

Theater with music band.jpg
Boardroom 1

This private and secluded office space is perfect for a private or board room meeting, group discussion, or small gathering.  The room is south facing with large windows, allowing for plenty of natural light. 

new board room.jpg
Fellowship Hall

Fellowship Hall is an open space on the ground level which can hold up to 80 people.  The vast room is perfect for holiday parties, receptions, dance parties, city meetings, group discussions, networking events, and more.  The attached kitchen creates the perfect opportunity for catered events and wedding receptions.

Boardroom 2

We are thrilled to announce our newest restored boardroom!  Located on the main floor with beautiful large windows allowing the natural morning sun to shine in.  It's truly a gem that has been given its well deserving second chance.